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BRAINO: Conceptual Thought Eraser

Braino is an idea remover that will allow users to erase the last idea they’ve had or any number up to the last 5 ideas. This allows for the instant retraction of ideas you wish you hadn’t come up with, and also frees room for many more ideas.

The goal for this project was to learn to visualize, prototype and fabricate a professional model that expresses function. The adviser for this project was Lauren Ruiz.

Secondary Research

The journey through my secondary research was quite interesting. I started looking for props with the best ergonomics, but could not really find what I was looking for. It was until I started looking into sex toys that I started connecting the dots.



Sketching my ideas helped me develop better concepts and better understand what I wanted to accomplish. Seeing how different forms work and how different ideas come to life was crucial to my process


Physical Prototypes

Transforming sketches into physical prototypes was significantly rewarding and satisfying. Translating all my thoughts into reality helped me come up with new ideas and designs.


User Testing

After finalizing some of my physical prototypes, I decided to hand them to different people. Different people gave me very insightful feedback that helped me realized what worked and what didn't.  I went back to iterate on my prototype and finalize it.



Final Prototype


Date: September 2013

Length: 2 weeks

Role: User Research, Physical Prototyping and Experience Design