Hybrid Performance Car Dashboard UI

Class: Visual Interaction Design with Christian Palino and Chris Nyffeler.

Design Challenge: This was a team project with Amo Zeng and Noam Zomerfeld. We were tasked with designing a compelling and innovative Human-Machine Interface for a near future (year 2020) performance hybrid vehicle.

Our vehicle should transform from hyper-miller to a world-class performance, so this was an area of tension to resolve - We tried to find  balance between these two supposed “opposites”, and show how do the the design changes with this transformation in user needs and experience type.

My participation was on research, synthesis, brainstorming, prototyping, wireframes, scenarios, storyboards, process documentation and video production. We had checkout with a pretend client, critiques of multiples steps in the process and several levels of prototyping, from paper prototype to a driving simulator with projected interfaces.

Secondary Research


Remote Interviews


Mood Boards




Brainstorming & Bodystorming


Physical Prototyping & Feedback


Scenarios & Storyboards




Editing on After Effects & Final Cut Pro X